A decentralized database of immutable statements about products, services, know-how and impact.

Audit quality, Verify locality, Uncover greenwashing, Attribute responsibility, Share revenue, Trustless.

Our data is stored on web3 (NFT meta on permissionless blockchain), which allows any person or script to identify issues such as waste, fraud, and externalities, and to work with stakeholders to address these at any stage of products' life cycles.

Discover our groundbreaking protocol that bridges the gap between consumers and companies, fostering a symbiotic relationship rooted in ethical and sustainable practices.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, emphasizing the need for greater resilience and adaptability. Therefore, much more authentic information should be shared, but zero-knowledge proofs and smart contracts should ensure that only the intended audience can decrypt.

Our pioneering technology empowers consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases by providing them with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information. By aggregating and enriching data from multiple sources, we offer a transparent view of the environmental, social, and health impacts of products.

Prove your quality and ethics

to consumers and investors

Web3 Transparency

In this new paradigm, everyone writes to a peer-to-peer database on Ethereum Swarm, instead of duplicating into data silos. This integrated approach is not only censorship-resistant, but can provide provenance for any quality or environmental impact parameter.

NFT Ownership

Our system perfectly supports both quality and quantity aspects, which is key for licensing, contribution-based revenue sharing and preventing counterfeiting and greenwashing. To make these trustless, we represent everything as an NFT on Polygon.

QR for Packaging

To see product passport timeline and satellite map to verify locality, customers don't need to install anything, just click to product link or scan its QR. For food products, they can also understand the nutrient profile of used ingredients.


Each NFT contains interoperable, structured JSON data feeds to support fast processing and smart decisions. So if your suppliers use the same standards, your IoT devices can manufacture smarter based on this Single Source of Truth.

By utilizing cutting-edge technology and analytics, Feedchain not only verifies the authenticity of the information provided but also evaluates the overall performance of companies with regard to sustainability and ethical practices.
We integrate easily readable and scannable QR codes on packaging, allowing consumers to access a wealth of information about the product with a simple scan. This seamless user experience offers insights into sourcing, production, transportation, and more, promoting transparency and accountability in the economy.

Differently from traditional centralized information systems that stores information privately at enterprise level, the architecture of this identification system puts more emphasis on how to guarantee the long-term preservation, findability and immutable transparency of information relevant to all stakeholders. This includes data about the GEOlocation of ingredients, the manufacturing process applied, the nutritional full-picture, the environmental impact estimation and the end-destination of the food product.

Tracking back to the source generates many benefits, including:

► Easy Access to Information: With a simple scan using a smartphone, consumers can access comprehensive information about the product, including its ingredients, inbuilt processing steps, and environmental impact.

► Informed decision-making: providing detailed information about the products through QR codes enables consumers to make informed decisions.

► Traceability and transparency: QR codes enhance traceability throughout the supply chain allowing consumers to understand the journey of their product, fostering trust and promoting responsible practices among companies.

► Improved consumer engagement: by incorporating QR codes on packaging, companies can engage more effectively with consumers, sharing insights about their commitment to sustainability, quality and ethical practices

► Convenience and adaptability: QR codes provide a convenient and adaptable way to access vital information about food products. Their seamless integration with smartphones and mobile applications allows consumers to access data quickly and easily, wherever they are. 

► Data reliability: long-term preservation of data ensures that crucial information remains accurate, up-to-date and accessible for consumers and companies alike. This fosters trust in the food industry and enables informed decision-making. 

► Immutable transparency: immutable transparency guarantees that information provided on the platform cannot be altered or tampered with, creating a secure and reliable record of data. This fosters trust between consumers and companies and promotes accountability in the food industry.

► Consumer empowerment: by providing consumers with transparent and reliable information that is preserved for the long term, they are empowered to make informed decisions and support companies that prioritize ethical practices, sustainability and quality. 

► Strengthening collaboration: emphasizing long-term preservation, findability and immutable transparency facilitates collaboration between various stakeholders, including producers, suppliers, retailers and consumers. This enables the sharing of best practices and resources, driving innovation and improvement within the economy. 

Step ahead of competition with F.A.I.R. and future-proof data approach

► It is Findable even from the packaging or online lookup,

► It is Accessible because it is clear and reachable to every stakeholder;
► It is Integrated because it is weighted both from nutritional and environmental matter;
► It is Reusable because it is suitable as it is for several different end-applications;
 It is future-proof/permanent because it is recorded independently from manipulation and tech companies’ service and pricing.

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    Integrate data sources for your product- and service parameters, including audience and license, It will be timestamped and hashed immutably on the Blockchain.

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    Require these steps from your suppliers and partners. Utilize and spread insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know the impact?

Pollution, deforestation and other negative externalities need to be quickly reduced. Our system empowers bold changemakers who don't want to waste more time until everyone else populates benchmark databases to enable undeniably accurate estimations. Instead, they take the responsibility and use an already available Life Cycle Impact Assessment software (like the free and open-source OpenLCA), connect its calculations to our system so that downstream processors and other stakeholders can further process it.

Who are you integrated with?

We can easily pull data from Google Sheets / Excel, SQL, MongoDB and a wide range of databases thanks to SSSOM (Simple Standard for Sharing Ontological Mappings).

Will my data be public?

Our p2p storage provider, Swarm will immediately split it into small chunks and distribute to thousands of nodes to prevent manipulation. Fields marked as sensitive will be encrypted, so only the set audience will be able to read it.

Can you share your pricing?

We exchange a lot of value, money is just part of it. We hope you are interested, so fill in the form and we will discuss how we can help each other.

Will you integrate marketplace features and contracts?

Definitely! Thanks to the modular web3 approach, many applications can extend the functionality of our protocol. Some will be built by us, but anyone is welcome to serve a niche!

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